An update on our Cruiserath Biologics facility

It's close to 2 years since we announced the development of a large scale biologics facility in Cruiserath, Dublin 15. Whats happened since then and where are we on the road map?

  • State-of-the-art facility will produce multiple therapies for the company’s growing biologics portfolio.
  • Significant investment builds on 50 years of company’s manufacturing history in Ireland.
  • 350 to 400 manufacturing jobs and about 1,000 construction jobs expected to be created.

In 2014 Bristol-Myers Squibb announced the building of a state-of-the-art facility in Dublin, Ireland, to expand our biologics manufacturing capacity, and to continue to innovate and strengthen biologics, immuno-oncology and cancer treatment drug development.

What's happening in Dublin 15?

Today the plant is under construction on the grounds of our previous bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. This facility is estimated to be complete and operational in 2018. The 30,000-square meter project will house six 15,000-litre bioreactors and a purification area as well as office and laboratory space.

Already there are lots of Bristol-Myers Squibb staff out in Cruiserath working in preparation of the formal opening. Here is a peak at whats going on behind the scenes.

A start-up feel

It might be surprising but for some teams there is a definite start-up feel as they build their labs from the ground up and prep for when manufacturing begins proper. They are not alone though. They are collaborating with colleagues in BMS's biologics manufacturing facility in Devens, Massachusetts and learning from their experience.

Designing labs and building knowledge

One of the many aspects of the job Bernadette Gallagher, Senior Scientist in Manufacturing Science and Technology is enjoying is the opportunity to design her own labs. Additionally she is getting a satellite lab up and running where her team will work on their understanding of how Opdivo is made so when the time comes they are ready to support manufacturing.

Getting on board early makes all the difference

For instrument and calibration lead Derek Murtagh he is enjoying the project mindset on site at the new facility. Getting on board so early means he can use his extensive past experience in Australia to set up a functioning calibration programme.

Find out more about Dereks return to Ireland to work at Cruiserath.

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